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Hardened OS & Device

With Consensio you can decide which applications are installed on your Mobile devices. The OS is customized especially for your organization security and productivity needs.

System level endpoint security

Take the advantage of true Mobile CYBER Security prevention and protection layers. The last killing point in a threat life-cycle end at your device, conservative 3rd party security apps will be of no use once your device is breached

Interception prevention mechanism

SS7 attacks and interception threats will no longer be your concern.

User anonymity

With CONSENSIO your digital Identity is never compromised, the system will always anonimize your calls, messaging, location and any privacy concern. using CONSENSIO will assure you that no one per-say will be able to track your organization users

Secured communication

All of the communications in the system are secured with state-of-the-art encryption algorithms, Security is built into the bones

Unified SoC for mobile

Manage and control your mobile devices remotely using comprehensive Security Operation Center combined with the most powerful MDM and EMM capabilities.

Closed garden secured messaging

Use secured encrypted SMS and MMS messaging, even when data communication is not available.

Closed garden secured voice

State of the are end-to-end secured and encrypted voice calls even through GSM.

Embedded security sensors

Combined with machine learning, The system and the endpoints are always aware of anomalies and exceptional behavioural pattern changes.